Pave the way for efficient and targeted project and program management. Together with Perpetuo GmbH, you can transform the dynamism and skills of an elite offshore sailing crew into a successful corporate strategy. We work hand in hand to achieve outstanding success.

Challenges that we overcome together

In a market as dynamic as the open ocean, companies are faced with complex projects, scarce resources and high risks. Unplanned delays, unclear project goals or inefficient communication can cause projects to capsize. But with our project management consulting, we are ready to meet these challenges with you.

our sol・utio・ns

Our customized services for your project success

Project management

We offer complete support, similar to a high seas sailing crew working together to achieve victory – from project initiation to successful completion.

Portfolio management

Improve your project delivery with our resource optimization and project prioritization strategies, just like a tightly managed race crew that constantly adapts its strategies to stay ahead.

Proven methods and tools

With proven methods and innovative project management tools, we guarantee results that are both effective and efficient, as well as a professional sailing crew that acts with precision and skill.

Why Perpetuo GmbH?

With a team of experienced experts, customized solutions and a focus on customer satisfaction, we are your trusted partner on the road to the podium of business success.


This is how we proceed

As a forward-thinking and well-organized team, we start with a thorough analysis of your company, your projects and your specific needs.
We use the collected data to develop a customized strategy that will lead you to victory.
Just like a well-coordinated crew, our experts work hand in hand with your teams to effectively implement the developed strategy.
At the end of the project, we evaluate the results and offer sound recommendations for your future projects.


More than just project management

Increased transparency

With clear insights into the status and progress of your projects.

Successful project results

Projects that support and promote your business goals.

Risk minimization

By proactively identifying and managing risks.

Informed decision-making

Data-based analyses lead to better strategic decisions.

What our satisfied customers say

“Thanks to Perpetuo, we have mastered the challenges of digitalization. We were impressed by their expertise and customized approach.”

CEO, large IT company

“With Perpetuo’s change management coaching, our teams were better prepared for the changes and felt supported.”

Division Manager, Energy Group

“Thanks to Perpetuo, we have mastered the challenges of digitalization. Their expertise and customized approach impressed us.”

CEO, large IT company


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