In dynamic markets, it is essential to stay one step ahead with the help of change management. Like a high-performance team on a racing boat, we at Perpetuo GmbH are trained to maneuver you through unknown seas with precision and speed so that we can reach your port of destination safely and efficiently as a team.

Why change management consulting is essential for your company

In a constantly changing business world, it is essential to adapt to new circumstances – because standing still is not an option. Change management helps to act proactively and find the right answers to changes. It’s not just about new processes, but also about people, culture and the right strategy.

our sol・utio・ns

Actively shape change with our support.

Analysis & preparation

With a 360° analysis, we initiate a successful change management process in your company.

Concept & Implementation

With a targeted change management consulting plan, our experts start or accompany your change initiative together with you.

Training & Coaching

With our coaching, we train your team to
mastering challenges and charting a new course.

Feedback & Customization

Through constant feedback, we keep your change initiatives on track.


This is how we proceed

Initial meeting & company analysis
As a first step, we discuss the needs and objectives of the change management consulting project with you. Based on the discussion, we conduct company, stakeholder or cultural analyses and identify potential problems and challenges.
Strategy development & recommendations for action
We create your solution design and develop a customized change management plan to enable successful change. In addition to planning the approach, we develop continuous improvement processes and implement feedback systems to ensure that the change is supported by all stakeholders involved.
Implementation of the strategy
Active support in the implementation of the planned measures with training courses and workshops as well as monitoring and evaluation of the changes are part of our concept. We actively shape change so that it can be scaled sustainably throughout the entire company.
Anchoring changes
We anchor a new culture, processes or structures in your company through feedback mechanisms and continuous evaluation of the changes implemented, as well as with the involvement of relevant stakeholders. This allows you to benefit from change and stay one step ahead of the competition.


With a professional partner at your side.

Willingness to change

We create openness for change. Our approach encourages enthusiasm and a willingness to embrace change in order to achieve common goals as a team.

Cultural transformation

Create a positive working environment in which everyone feels valued and involved. Adapting structures, processes and systems and establishing a new mindset within the company will help you to ride the wave of success.

Strategic objective

Improve your competitive position by adapting quickly and efficiently to economic changes and new challenges through strategic change management consulting.

Generational conflicts

Our experts will help you resolve generational conflicts and present yourself as an attractive employer for different generations.

Actively realize competitive advantages

Through our holistic change management approach, companies can anticipate environmental changes and actively act to stay one step ahead of the competition. We also advise you on innovative methods and technologies to increase your performance and optimize work processes.

Optimized use of resources

Our expertise helps companies to use their material and human resources efficiently and effectively during change processes. This leads to cost savings and an improved ROI (return on investment) for change initiatives.

What our satisfied customers say

“Thanks to Perpetuo, we have mastered the challenges of digitalization. We were impressed by their expertise and customized approach.”

CEO, large IT company

“With Perpetuo’s change management coaching, our teams were better prepared for the changes and felt supported.”

Division Manager, Energy Group

“Thanks to Perpetuo, we have mastered the challenges of digitalization. Their expertise and customized approach impressed us.”

CEO, large IT company

Successes that speak for themselves

Mechanical engineering

Transformation of production lines and optimization of operating processes.

Banks & Insurances

Implementing new digital platforms and training employees in the use of new technologies.


Adapting to green energy technologies and training the team in sustainable practices.


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Dr. Lennart Pape