Interview Marcel Dornheim

Marcel Dornheim, 30 years old and with Perpetuo for four years, works mainly as a management consultant in the energy sector. His tasks range from supporting project management to controlling change management projects. Marcel emphasizes the importance of clear, stakeholder-oriented communication and self-organization in day-to-day consulting. He advises career starters to actively ask questions and be proactive. Despite the challenges, such as the willingness to travel, he enjoys the varied and responsible job, especially working with colleagues at team events.

Hello Marcel, please introduce yourself briefly in one sentence!

“I am Marcel Dornheim, 30 years young, have been with Perpetuo for almost 4 years and am currently working as a Management Consultant, mainly for clients in the energy sector.”


What is your job at Perpetuo?

“I mainly work as a PMO or project manager in my projects. This includes tasks such as supporting project management, preparing management-relevant decision documents and independently managing highly complex change management projects.”


Why did you choose this profession?

“I was already very interested in consulting firms during my studies and became part of a student consultancy. I enjoyed it so much that I started an internship in the field and immersed myself in the world of consulting. In general, I really enjoy economic topics.”


What do you need for this job?

“Being able to present complex issues in a simple way and communicate them to the target group is definitely essential. But motivation and commitment are also particularly important in the job in order to get ahead. You should also have good communication skills, as you often have to mediate between different levels.”


In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges in the everyday life of a consultant?

“The right and transparent communication, that this is always fair to stakeholders and self-organization due to the workload.”


What advice would you give career starters?

“Always ask questions at the beginning, don’t be afraid of them. It’s better to ask one question too many in order to develop a proper understanding, grasp the facts and then implement the tasks well. Proactivity is just as important.”


What is the team spirit like at Perpetuo?

“Very friendly! We all get on very well and can rely on each other. The cooperation in our young team is also very harmonious.”


What do you enjoy most about the job?

“That you always have a variety of tasks and no two days are the same, which makes everyday life very varied.”


Describe your job in 3 words.

“Diverse, responsible, exciting!”


What restrictions does the job entail?

“Before Corona, I traveled a lot and was on site with customers, so I wasn’t at home much during the week. This has fundamentally changed for me with Corona, thanks to working remotely. I am now traveling much less. However, this is highly project-dependent and you need to be willing to travel.”


What’s the coolest thing about your job?

“Definitely my work colleagues, the fact that we get on so well and regularly see each other in person at team events and not only work together but also share experiences and celebrate results together.”

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