How to track and communicate project progress correctly

Tracking and communicating project progress is essential in the world of project management. The integration of various tools, such as Gantt charts and agile boards, creates clarity and promotes collaboration. It is not only important to provide data, but also to share the story behind the project, a concept known as “storytelling”.

In the world of project management, there is one indispensable element that is often overlooked: the tracking and communication of project progress. In an age where information is the engine of innovation, the way we track and communicate progress is critical to a project’s success story. The ability to understand and clearly communicate progress is the basis for the way forward.


There are a variety of project management tools that are not only necessary, but also serve as a conduit for important information. From Gantt charts to agile boards: The integration of different tools not only creates a clear overview, but also promotes collaboration within the team.


But tracking goes beyond diagrams. Nowadays, real-time updates not only enable quick adjustments, but also precise decisions. However, communication is not just about sending information, but also about sharing stories. The buzzword here is “storytelling”. An entrepreneur who not only explains the progress, but also shares the journey behind it, not only creates clarity, but also inspiration.


At Perpetuo GmbH, we understand not only the value of data, but also the power of history. Our tools are not only effective, but also intuitive, so that you can not only measure progress, but also experience it. The future of success lies not only in the destination; it lies in the way we get there.


Find out more about how we at Perpetuo GmbH not only drive projects forward, but also tell stories that enrich the path to success. Stay tuned for a future of progress!

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