Efficient IT transformation through fast tracking and a change control board

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International IT transformation project

In recent years, project management has become considerably more important and is now practiced in companies of all sizes worldwide. This growth in popularity can be explained in particular by the increasing collaboration of teams from different departments on new challenges and the associated increase in complexity. Despite a variety of different methods and approaches that companies can use, projects usually require considerable manpower, time and the intensive involvement of all team members. These include, as described in the following case, the geographical distance between locations or a tight schedule set by the client for necessary cross-location tests.

IT transformation projects often focus on the overarching goal of fundamentally transforming and modernizing a company’s IT landscape by introducing new systems and processes in order to better prepare it for future challenges in the digital age or to introduce new systems. The specific objectives vary depending on a company’s initial situation, size and sector, among other things. Possible goals include not only increased efficiency and cost savings, but also improvements in the areas of security and compliance, scalability and the promotion of internal collaboration. By successfully implementing these goals, companies help to remain competitive in the future, adapt quickly to changes and create a solid foundation for innovation in the digital sector.

The following case study illustrates the process of an IT transformation project of an international company in the automotive sector. It illustrates the consultants’ approach, presents the challenges encountered during the mandate and goes into detail about the effects of the measures implemented, which in this case included a change board and fast tracking management. The project was managed by three consultants from Perpetuo GmbH, who acted as leads in the project management office and supported the sub-project management, ensuring efficient implementation.

Initial situation

An internationally active German automotive supplier with a large product portfolio was aiming for a comprehensive IT transformation covering all three strategic locations in Germany, Hungary and the UK. On the one hand, the implementation program was based on the “greenfield” approach known from software development, which envisages a complete redesign of the IT landscape from the ground up. On the other hand, the program is based on a “brownfield” approach, which builds on the existing system landscapes. The “greenfield” approach describes the migration to SAP S/4HANA and utilizes the advantages of starting “on a greenfield site”. This means that the operation of the old platform initially remains untouched and numerous tests can be carried out with key users before release in order to discover and rectify possible errors. This method may initially seem time-consuming, but it offers the opportunity to utilize all the advantages of the new system, adapted to the company.

During the program, however, an increased number of dependencies and process requirements were identified in workshops, which had a negative impact on time coordination and led to a significant increase in effort. An additional challenging aspect of this transformation was the increasing workload with constant resources. As a result, the workload exceeded the originally planned resources. The increased number of dependencies led to the risk of significantly exceeding the time frame or budget and therefore required a thorough revision of the project plan. Communication and, in particular, stakeholder management were identified as further problem areas.

Course of the project

One game changer for the project was Perpetuo GmbH taking over the communication management. This facilitated the introduction of standards and enabled the transfer of knowledge to all stakeholders. The introduction of standards from the perspective of process development not only provided clarity and structure, but also raised teamwork to a new level. Processes were standardized and implemented, such as the cross-departmental introduction of joint work on documents in the cloud. This has enabled Perpetuo GmbH to improve interdisciplinary work and create a structure in the database, which also offers particular advantages for task management, such as a more efficient exchange of information.

Another key measure was the introduction of fast tracking management (Figure 1). This describes the parallel execution of processes that usually take place one after the other. Essentially, this enabled an accelerated approach to the execution of tasks. This includes, for example, the acceptance of individual software modules by quality assurance in parallel with the processing of the other modules. As a result, individual processes can be started more quickly and delays can be reduced through correct prioritization. In the example shown, processes were only started after the previous step had been completed; by switching this working method to parallel processing, activities could be identified and task packages processed more quickly. This not only streamlined schedules, but also established responsibility and made more efficient use of resources such as personnel and budget.

Figure 1 – Fast Tracking example

Perpetuo GmbH also used another tried-and-tested tool in the process. The implementation of an efficient change board process, as shown in Figure 2, was primarily important for the structure of the project. A central button was created where all change requests were received, their impact on the organization was checked and then approved or rejected. The change board also took over the steps for implementation and further communication about the upcoming change.

Figure 2 – Change Control Board

With this method, all changes, regardless of scope or budget, could simply be submitted using a standardized form. These were then efficiently processed, discussed, decided and documented by experts in the Change Control Board. Qualitative results were built on this solid foundation and innovation became the fuel of the project’s success.


The results of the transformation project are proving to be extraordinarily successful, especially when you take a closer look at the originally calculated costs. Despite an initial increase in project burdens due to an increase in dependencies, the well thought-out measures of the transformation project had a significant positive impact and key figures were kept in the green throughout the project delay.

Primarily, the originally very high resource expenditure was drastically reduced. The implementation of various tracking measures proved to be particularly effective here. These not only enabled precise identification of responsibilities, but also more efficient processing of pending tasks. By creating a clear overview of open, due and already completed tasks and their interdependencies, the project managers gained an immediate insight into the current status of the project, bottlenecks and thus supported targeted control of the further course of the project.

By implementing a suitable change board, the consultants created the basis for efficient handling of change requests, thereby enabling more agile and faster progress. The mechanisms introduced covered the entire project and not only facilitated the continuation of project activities, but also ensured consistent and precise documentation of the results achieved. This careful documentation was crucial not only to make the current project status transparent, but also to serve as a basis for future planning and optimization. The successfully implemented measures thus made a significant contribution to consolidating the project’s success and at the same time significantly optimizing the need for financial resources.

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Thanks to our hands-on mentality and active, problem-solving approach, we stand by our customers as a rock in stormy times and support them in all areas of the project.

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