At Perpetuo, your dynamic and efficient partner, you will find the necessary resources and expertise to navigate through the complex M&A processes.

The nuanced transitions between M&A

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) are like a high seas race where precision and strategic planning make the difference between victory and defeat. Companies need to analyze the market carefully, evaluate potential takeover targets and act quickly but prudently. As in a sailing race, where the crew interprets wind patterns and adjusts the course, M&A consulting requires tactical skill and clear decisions under pressure. Success depends on the careful integration of planning and execution.

our sol・utio・ns

Planning meets implementation
Just as comprehensive preparation is crucial for the success of an important sailing race, we accompany and support you throughout the entire M&A process. From the careful selection of potential targets to the development of customized strategies, we are at your side.

Integration & customization

We ensure a smooth and efficient integration of corporate cultures and processes.

Communication & collaboration

We introduce clear communication channels to strengthen teamwork and reduce uncertainty.

Strategic realignment

We support you in developing and implementing a uniform strategy for the merged company.

Speed & agility

We offer you rapid integration to minimize operational disruptions and quickly benefit from synergies.

Synergy identification & realization

We use synergies in operations, finance and technology to increase value and secure competitive advantages.


Our approach is holistic: from the initial needs analysis through to successful post-merger integration (PMI). At Perpetuo GmbH, we are at your side through every phase of your M&A project.

Our first step is always to get to know you and your company. We discuss your objectives and jointly identify the requirements and expectations of an M&A transaction.
Based on your objectives and our expertise, we develop a customized M&A strategy. Whether the focus is on growth, synergies or other aspects - we have the right concept for you.
With our powerful scoring tool for target company selection and our exclusive partnerships with company exchanges, we ensure that you have the best opportunities to find the ideal business partner.
We are at your side - from the initial negotiations to the successful completion of the transaction. Our expertise guarantees that you receive the best conditions.
The actual success of an M&A transaction often only becomes apparent after it has been completed. We support you in the integration process in order to make the best possible use of synergies and derive maximum value from your transaction.


Successful M&A consulting paves the way for accelerated growth and market expansion. This enables companies to benefit from a stronger market presence, the expansion of their customer base and the optimization of their operational processes. This results not only in an increase in efficiency, but also in a strengthening of competitiveness.

Scaling and growth

M&A activities enable companies to consolidate and expand their market position.

Realization of cost synergies

The combination of business processes, technologies and resources can enable significant cost savings.

Optimization of the capital structure

Another incentive for M&A can be the opportunity to achieve an optimal capital structure or to use financial leverage to maximize the value of the company.

Cultural and operational realignment

Sometimes merging with or acquiring companies with a certain corporate culture or operational practices can pave the way for a realignment or transformation of the acquiring company.

Knowledge and technology transfer

Some M&A activities are carried out specifically to gain access to advanced technology or specific industry knowledge that exists within the acquired company.

Reorganization & Restructuring

M&A enables companies to diversify their product portfolio by gaining access to new products, services or technologies brought in by the acquired or merged entity.

Market access and geographical expansion

Through mergers and acquisitions, companies can penetrate new geographical areas or market segments in which they were previously not present. This offers the opportunity to gain new market shares and diversify the business risk.

What our satisfied customers say

“Thanks to Perpetuo, we have mastered the challenges of digitalization. We were impressed by their expertise and customized approach.”

CEO, large IT company

“With Perpetuo’s change management coaching, our teams were better prepared for the changes and felt supported.”

Division Manager, Energy Group

“Thanks to Perpetuo, we have mastered the challenges of digitalization. Their expertise and customized approach impressed us.”

CEO, large IT company


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